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zero waste guide of ecuador



We are developing the first zero waste guide of Ecuador, aiming to illustrate about zero waste businesses, alternatives, activits and movements  that are taking actions towards an Ecuador Free of Plastics. 

The guide has several sections that educates the reader on the issues of plastic pollution on a local level but also on the possible solutions that are being implemented within our territory.


Plus, the guide has a zero waste directory so the reader can contact the leaders of each zero waste innitiave and join the movement.

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The construction, structuring and illustration of our guide are an arduous and meticulous process, which we are doing in a participatory way with people who are interested in opting for more sustainable lifestyles.

In each of our zero waste workshops we find new important inputs to be included in the final version of the guide. For this reason, during the process of developing the final product of the guide, we have been creating volumes that inform about various issues related to zero waste, so that people interested can gradually get to know a little piece of the official guide.

We make available volumes 1,2 and 3 of the zero waste guide of Ecuador in the digital format for a minimum cost of $ 3.00 USD, a value that will help finance the rest of the construction stages of the guide and its publication.

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Vol. 1

Feb 2019

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Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 16.56.39.png
Vol. 2

Mar 2019

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Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 16.56.58.png
Vol. 3

Jun 2019

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We still have a lot to do, would you like to help us?

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